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Some residents in Flagstaff’s Timberline neighborhood are cleaning up after Wednesday's historic rainfall caused widespread damage and flooding. They live just below the scar of the 2010 Schultz Fire on the eastern flank of the San Francisco Peaks. It’s a vulnerable area because the forest floor is loose, and unable to withstand heavy rain. A clogged drainage ditch made the situation even worse on Wednesday. KNAU’s Aaron Granillo reports from Timberline. 

Tara Brewer

About 200 tourists were being evacuated Thursday from a campground on tribal land near famous waterfalls deep in a gorge off the Grand Canyon.

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Around 21,000 residents are without power after a monsoon struck southern Arizona.

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A new safety campaign will remind Arizona drivers stuck in dust storms to pull over, turn off all car lights and wait until visibility is back before hitting the road again.

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In the latest installment of KNAU’s occasional segment “Weather Musings,” Meteorologist Lee Born answers listener-submitted questions about perceived shifts in the pattern of northern Arizona’s monsoon, as well as the effects of climate change on global weather.