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Work To Begin On New Terminal At Prescott Regional Airport

Prescott Regional Airport Facebook page

Prescott Regional Airport officials say they are starting construction now on a new airport terminal. KNAU’s Zac Ziegler reports it comes after delays in a $12 million federal grant:

The wait for Federal Aviation Administration money caused a two-month delay on work to replace the current 70-year-old terminal.

Airport director Robin Sobotta says a larger, more modern facility is important for the airport’s growth.

“We do anticipate pretty active growth for the next five years. Probably an extra flight a year, and by the fifth year we expect to be at five non-stop flights a day.”

Sobotta says another key step in the coming years is to extend the main runway.

That will allow larger commercial planes to take off from the airport and end summertime restrictions on plane size.

Prescott Regional Airport is the 44th busiest airport in the nation in terms of take-offs and landings, despite having only a handful of commercial flights.

Most are training flights by local pilot schools.

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