Tucson Values Teachers

Arizona teachers are the focus of a new documentary screening tonight in Flagstaff. The film, “Teaching in Arizona,” follows three educators, as they balance their love for the job while living on some of the lowest teacher salaries in the country. Lisa Molomot directed the film, and teaches documentary production at the University of Arizona. She talked to KNAU's Aaron Granillo.

Music Together / Pretty Please Photography

Music school for infants? Yes! It’s good for their brains! Almost all brain development happens before the age of five. That’s why the Music Together program in Flagstaff encourages parents to show their babies and toddlers how to make joyful, noisy music—even before they’re ready to talk. The program helps every kid in a different way. For KNAU’s latest installment of Eats and Beats, stories about food and music, we hear the teacher and parents share their stories.

Randy Hoeft/The Yuma Sun via AP, File

Last September, school speech therapist Kathy Hoffman was settling into the new academic year, working with youngsters in her small classroom behind a playground at Sahuaro Ranch Elementary School in a blue-collar neighborhood outside Phoenix.

Navajo Technical University

More than $1 million is being awarded to Navajo Technical University to build a training center to help displaced workers from the energy sector develop new skills.

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The new Arizona Science Standards, meant to guide K-12 science curriculum, have been plagued with controversy for their treatment of evolution. The Arizona Department of Education spent more than a year convening committees to hammer out language everyone can agree on. The latest version will be presented to the Board of Education on Monday—but in an unexpected move, the Superintendent of Public Instruction has already decided not to recommend it. KNAU’s Melissa Sevigny reports.