1/20/06 – As in a blue screen, when viewers in Prescott, Page, Cottonwood, the White Mountains and Winslow tune into channel 2 or channel 12. On the screen, instead of the Tonight Show or local news, Phoenix-based Cable One offers a simple printed message. Julie Laulis, vice president of operations for Cable One's southwest division, summarizes.

Flagstaff, AZ – The first real snow of the winter is falling outside the Flagstaff Family Food Center. A man who simply calls himself, Davis, hunkers in next to the building and smokes hand-rolled cigarettes down to his fingertips. Davis says he knows snow makes a lot of people happy, but to him and his friends, it only brings worry.

1/1:35 it's too cold now 1/ 4:28 I don't know where they're gonna be sleeping at now

(Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer)

Carpenter announces for Governor

Phoenix – Phoenix legislator Ted Carpenter cited his eight years in the House of Representatives and 14 years as a member of the Deer Valley school board. He joins what is becoming an increasingly crowded field. So we asked him why should people vote for him?

Phoenix – Rep. Pamela Gorman wants a provision in state law that tells women who are at least 20 weeks pregnant that an abortion will cause physical pain to their unborn child. Gorman said that is backed by medical evidence.

(Capitol Media Services photo by Howard Fischer)

Ph – Bill Brotherton said many bills introduced by his colleagues are designed to punish those who cross the border illegally, many in search of work. But Brotherton said that's only part of the problem.

(As we all know, this is a supply and demand problem. It's a situation where you have folks who are looking for work and need work to support their families, coming up here and finding work with willing citizens who have companies and who are willing to employ them.)



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