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Arizona hopes to negotiate a new legal settlement over the quality of health care in state prisons after facing persistent complaints that it was dragging its feet in complying with an earlier agreement over inmate care.

Arizona has quietly suspended plans to require that about 120,000 people work, volunteer or go to school to receive Medicaid benefits.

Arizona Department of Corrections

A federal judge who has criticized Arizona's persistent noncompliance with a settlement requiring improvements to health care for prisoners has ordered lawyers for the state and inmates to decide whether they want to throw out the 5-year-old deal and instead bring the case to trial.

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The Arizona Department of Corrections wants an appeals court to throw out a 2018 contempt-of-court ruling against now-retired Corrections Director Charles Ryan for failing to follow through on promises to improve health care in prisons.

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Lawyers challenging the quality of health care in Arizona's prisons asked a judge to take over responsibilities for providing inmate care and appoint an official to run medical and mental health services.