City of Flagstaff

City of Flagstaff

The City of Flagstaff is nearing completion of a new water well to support the growing local population. It’s the first such well the city has commissioned in a dozen years and meant to shore up local supply. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

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Flagstaff officials say an aluminum automotive parts manufacturer has selected the city to build the company’s fourth production plant.

City of Flagstaff

The City of Flagstaff has filed a temporary restraining order against a Canadian energy company to block oil, gas and helium drilling east of the city. Officials say the project could threaten a future water source. KNAU’s Ryan Heinsius reports.

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The Flagstaff City Council this week chose a new name for a downtown street named after the 19th century naturalist Louis Agassiz, who subscribed to racist ideologies.

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There’s a movement in Flagstaff to change the name of a downtown street with a controversial moniker. City officials are considering several community proposals to rethink Agassiz St. It was named after Louis Agassiz, an influential 19th century biologist and Harvard professor. But his legacy is one of racism.